About me...

My name is Hélio Carvalho and I'm a journalist, a storyteller, an analog film photography addiction and an alternative music enthusiast.

In March 2024, I began a new chapter at Expresso, one of biggest newspapers in Portugal and one of the main online outlets in the country, focusing my attention to long stories, international issues and foreign politics.

Before this new adventure, I spent two years at Noticias ao Minuto, doing breaking news on a daily basis, in a place that focuses on a fast-paced journalism, while also finding time to do some explainers and interviews about the most news-worthy stories in the country and the world.

Aside from that, I often put my music fandom to good use, covering music festivals, both as a reporter and as a photographer. If you ask if someone wants to go to Primavera Sound, to Paredes de Coura or any other indie rock fest, I'll put my headphones down, pause the 5th Nick Cave album in a row I was listening to, and immediately raise my hand.

In 2021, I was a journalist at Radio Renascença, Not only was I able to cover current affairs and national and international politics, writing news, creating explainers and editing videos, I also got 'lost' in basic data journalism and long stories with a more narrative style.

My first professional experience as a journalist was interning at Público, a major newspaper where I spent nine months, in 2020. It was an 'interesting' time, heavily influenced by the pandemic. Although I didn't get to experience the beautiful mess of a full and noisy newsroom, I worked with brilliant data journalists on investigative reports. I covered the US presidential elections and I started to fully develop my writing style, with long and in-depth reports about a multitude of topics, from the refugee crisis, to diversity and equality issues, to fraud schemes.

I got my degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho, in Braga, and during that time, I joined the academic newspaper ComUM Online, a brilliant place that is fully managed by journalism students. At ComUM, not only was I reporter and a photographer, but I also ended up editing the Culture section, coordinating the coverage of cultural events all across the Minho region and the North of Portugal.

It was with ComUM that I won the Fernando de Sousa Journalism Award, in 2018, with a report called 'Light at the end of Europe' about a Syrian family and the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nowadays I spend my time across Lisbon and my home town, located in the beautiful Minho region, in Portugal.

You'll probably find me with my analog camera, on Twitter, looking at what's on the news, trying to revitalize my rusty French with Duolingo, or on Spotify listening to the latest suggestion from the Pitchfork newsletter.